June 2015


Welcome to the Humane Association of the Lowcountry(HAL) web site.  Be sure to bookmark it for future reference.  Take a few minutes to explore the wealth of information available to you.
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Looking for a new best friend? The Humane Association of the Lowcountry (HAL) just might have a perfect furry match for you.  We partner with Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet to advertise and showcase our foster animals. To check out our four-legged friends and understand the HAL adoption process, select “Adopt” and then Petfinder or Adopt-a-Pet.  Our primary goal is to find loving stable forever and/or interim foster homes for these precious souls.   Please take a moment and meet Luca.  He is currently upping his resume by being in the lobby cage at Port Royal Veterinary Hospital.  He is getting exposed to dogs, cats, birds as well as noise, smells and chaos.
Missing Pets
During the next few months, we intend to showcase parts of our web site to help you become more familiar with all the available resources.  This month, we are focusing on the “Missing Pets” page.

With one in three pets getting lost in their lifetime, ensure that YOUR pet (dogs AND cats) is microchipped. If they are chipped and become lost, there is a greater chance of a happy reunion.  Microchipping is available through HAL for a small fee.  If your pet has a microchip, be sure your contact information is up to date. Some microchip companies now charge an annual fee to ensure your pet is in their database.  Take a minute to contact your pets microchip company to ensure your contact information is up to date and accessible.


Pet collars with or without ID tags are also a good idea.  Breakaway or velcro collars are a must for cats.  The most important factors for dog collars are the right size and weight for your specific dog/puppy so that your collar fits properly.  If your pet goes missing, a collar is an easy visual identifier for neighbors and friends.

Take pictures of your pet(s), so you have a good likeness in case you need it for a Missing Pet flyer.

Another preventative measure is training.  Practice getting your pet (yes, even cats) to come when you call.

The “Missing Pets” page contains tactical tips on how/where to search for your pet, who to inform when your pet is missing, tools and resources as well as a lost pet flyer template that you can easily customize.  It is best to browse through this information BEFORE your pet goes missing. This way you are prepared in case the unfortunate event occurs.

Don’t forget to keep up-to-date on our HAL news and events via our “Facebook” page.   HAL is fund of the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry (CFL) and all donations are tax deductible.   We appreciate and need your donations.
Many thanks for your support,
Sheila Munson
Humane Association of the Lowcountry(HAL)


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