November/December 2015


Welcome to the Humane Association of the Lowcountry(HAL) web site.  Be sure to bookmark it for future reference.  Take a few minutes to explore the wealth of information available to you.

Last month,  Becky Thatcher was adopted. Becky is smart and waited almost 7 1/2 years before she found the perfect match. We are so glad they found each other.

IMG_2196Pet of the month 
We have four kittens who are about six months old – Bree, Jack, Danny and Sage.  For additional exposure, we are place them in the Lobby cage at Port Royal Veterinary Hospital. They get to experience dogs, cats, people, kids, smells, noise and chaos to amp up their resume and confidence.  Hopefully, animal friendly people will fall in love with them or spread the word to potential adopters.

Benefits of adopting two 
Kittens do better in pairs.   Benefits include:
  • Two cats can play together, satisfying each others need for physical and emotional interaction.
  • Two cats can help groom each other by cleaning the hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cats who live in a multi-cat home are thought to be happier and less likely to get into trouble.
  • Cats who have already bonded or siblings, may be happiest if not separated.
  • An older cat will be quicker to accept two new kittens, who will play with each other and not bother the existing adult cat.
Pam Johnson-Bennett (pioneer in the field of cat behavior consulting) says, “Make it a double:”
  • Twice the loveFullSizeRender
  • Twice the cuddles
  • It’s very entertaining to watch two kittens playing together
  • Two kittens can entertain each other while you’re busy or away at work
  • There’s not much added cost to having a second kitten
Please consider opening your home to HAL kitty.
The first step is to complete the HAL Adoption application.  It does not obligate you to adopt, it simply starts the process.
Don’t forget to keep up-to-date on our HAL news and events via our “Facebook” page.   HAL is fund of the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry (CFL) and all donations are tax deductible.   Be sure to select HAL Fund from the drop down box. We are a small charity.  We appreciate and need your donations.
Many thanks for your support,
Sheila Munson
Humane Association of the Lowcountry(HAL)


This website was donated by Bogart Computing, LLC

This site was donated by Bogart Computing, LLC