January/February 2021

HAL Friends and Supporters,

We partner with Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet to advertise and showcase our foster animals. Our primary goal is to find loving stable forever and/or foster homes for these precious souls.   Lentil (solid black kitten) was recently adopted into a home with a new big sister. Lentil has a little more energy than her new sister but is adapting and finding his place in the mix. From homeless in the woods on Ladys Island to a loving stable forever home, we love happy endings don’t you?

Missing Pets
With one in three pets getting lost in their lifetime, ensure that YOUR pet(s) (dogs AND cats) is microchipped. If they are chipped and become lost, there is a greater chance of a happy reunion.  Breakaway or velcro collars are best for cats.  The most important factors for dog collars are the right size and weight for your specific dog/puppy and that your collar fits properly.  If your pet goes missing, a collar is an easy visual identifier for neighbors and friends.  If you move update your microchip information.
Be sure to take pictures of your pet(s), so you have a good one in case you need it for a Missing Pet flyer.   Another preventative measure is training.  Practice getting your pet (yes, even cats) to come when you call. 

The “Missing Pets” page contains tactical tips on how/where to search for your pet, who to inform when your pet is missing, as well as a lost pet flyer template that you can easily customize.  It is best to browse through this information BEFORE your pet goes missing. This way you are prepared in case the unfortunate event occurs.  It is unlikely your pet will come home on their own.  It is up to you to find them.  Be a detective and gather clues when you go door to door passing out your flyer.  Talk to everyone in the household especially the kids.  Your furry friend is depending on you to find them.

We need Foster Families Meow!
We are looking for foster families.
Do you have love to share?
Are you missing a furry body next to you but can’t commit?
Do you have a spare bedroom, office or bathroom?
We need your help.
We are looking for volunteers to help foster and socialize healthy adoptable but shy cats and kittens. Fostering helps increase the chance of a kitty getting adopted. It keeps animals out of shelters. If you have pets, it can help their social skills. We have tips and strategies to help introduce a new kitty to your home as well as existing cats or dogs. HAL will pay for all the foster kitty’s veterinary expenses.
Help us save lives.  To get started, complete the HAL Foster application.


Don’t forget to keep up-to-date on our HAL news and events via our “Facebook” page.   HAL is a fund of the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry (CFL) and all donations are tax deductible.   Be sure to select “Humane Association of the Lowcountry Fund” from the drop down box. We are a small charity and sincerely appreciate your support.

Kate Zalusky
Humane Association of the Lowcountry(HAL)


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