Adoption Tips

Adoption Tips

Revised August 2022

Many organizations have developed great tips to help you think through the pre and post adoption process. Rather than recreate these documents in our own words, we will provide useful links:

General Tips

ASPCA: Adoption Tips

Angies’s List: How to Pet-proof your home and other tips

Positive Health Wellness: All you need to know about pets improving your health

Pet Poison Helpline

Dental Associates: Guide to dental health for your pets

Cats and Kittens  

chelsea-tyler sophie toby

 Petfinder: Why adopt a second cat?

Indoor Pet Initiative: Getting off to the right start with a new cat

Kitten Lady: Learn about kitten care

Choosing a Adult cat VS kitten: Pros and Cons from Cat Evolution

Meow Cat Rescue: Kitten Proofing your home

Why Pairs of kittens are better: Vancouver kitten rescue

Why 2 kittens are better than 1 – Spruce Pets

Make it a Double – Pam Johnson-Bennett

Little Big Cat: Base Camp – How to Prepare for your new cat

Tabby’s Place: Cat introductions

Cat Behavior Associates:  Cat Introductions

Cat Site: Introducing a cat to a dog

Cats and Children: 10 Things Every Parent Should Know

ASPCA: Preparing your cat for a baby

Catster: Should you pet your cats tummy?

Purrfect Fence: Freedom to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about safety

Cat Info: What to feed your cat?

Audabon Society: Humane methods of cat proofing your yard

Have a scaredy Cat?  Check out the tips on Catster to transform your cat.

Clicker Training: Adventure Cats

Leash Training: New York Times article

Declawing: Why Adoption groups prohibit declawing?

icatcare: how to introduce and manage cats and dogs

3 biggest problems with cats according to Jackson Galaxy and how to solve: My cat from Hell

Dogs and Puppies


Introducing a new dog: Cesars 8 essential steps

About Cats: Introducing an existing cat to a new puppy/dog

Indoor Pet Initiative: Getting off to the right start new dog/puppy

What BREED is that dog?: Bing search tool using Pictures

Humane Society of US (HSUS) – Dogs

Choosing a name for your dog: Dog names

PUPPY WIRE: Getting Your Home Ready for your New Rescue Dog

Traveling with Pets

Before you leave be sure to:
– up date vaccines and get microchipped
– organize and keep handy – health records, pet pics, microchip #, pet meds, first aid kit
– gather pet supplies – food (if wet use pull top), bowls, crate, puppy pads, baby and disinfectant wipes, plastic bags, paper towels, feliway
– feed/water night before.  Do not feed 4-5 hours before leaving to reduce pee/poop/vomit
– put empty boxes and carrier/per cat/dog in their room.  Start feeding them in their carrier/crate.
– start putting them in the carrier and driving them around.  Do not leave them in the car unattended.
– buy a leash and harness for each of the cats/dogs….walk around the house, yard
– Scope out animal friendly motels in advance.  Put cats/dogs in bathroom and close the door so they do not go under bed.  Put a “Do not Disturb” sign on door so maid/handyman does not let them out.
– Scope out 24 hour vet in various cities staying overnite.
– NEVER let your pet pass through an X-ray machine.   If you are flying, you will need to send the carrier through the X-ray machine but take your pet out and carry him/her with a harness and leash.
Here are some web sites with pet travel tips:
Some folks recommend sleepy pod carriers.  They are a little pricey.  They are for 15 pound or smaller pets.  The pods are luxurious ultra-plush foam which provides comfort and security.  They can be used before, during and after trips so the cat has something familiar with them to ease the stress of travel.


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