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Humane Association of the Lowcountry (HAL)

Donate – Wish List

The Humane Association of the Lowcountry (HAL) is always in need of donated items to help care for foster animals. Here are just a few of our current needs:

  • Kuranda Dog bed – Provides discounted pricing if you donate a bed to HAL. Help get shelter/foster dogs and cats off the floor. It will make a world of difference.
  • Stretch & Scratch – cardboard scratch posts for the shelter. Cardboard scratchers for the foster homes.
  • Kitty condos
  • New, unused, washable, dog and cat toys
  • Flea combs (metal teeth not plastic)
  • Frontline or Multi Advantage Flea meds
  • Latex gloves – size medium
  • Dog treats / cat treats
  • Jars of baby food (chicken, beef, turkey, lamb – no onion or garlic in the ingredients)
  • Science Diet Adult (dry) and kitten (dry)
  • Special and Prescription Diet Food (CD, WD etc)
  • Purina (blue bag) dry cat food, Friskies wet cat food
  • Pedigree dog / puppy food
  • Hartz hairball remedy plus
  • Large, clear Rubbermaid storage tubs
  • KMR and KMR 2nd Step
  • Newborn puppy formula
  • Garbage bags (45 gallon black trash bags), Ziploc baggies Liquid hand soap, Hand sanitizer
  • Snuggle Safe (brand name) microwave heatpad
  • Paper towels, Bleach
  • Covered litter boxes
  • Dawn Dish soap without bleach
  • Cotton balls, Q-tips, long Q-tips
  • Laundry detergent, high efficiency liquid only
  • Bungee Cords, dog or cat carriers all sizes
  • Flatbed trolley cart, two wheeled dollies
  • Digital scale
  • Digital camera (online adoption pics and cruelty cases)
  • Clip boards – plastic please, writing pens
  • Copy paper (white, 20 lbs)
  • dog crates (the airline type)
  • dog wire cages – any and all sizes
  • cat crates (the airline type)
  • cat wire cages – any and all sizes
  • wet cat/kitten food and small metal cat bowls
  • pans to use as litter boxes (e.g., aluminum pans or other containers with a 1-2 inch lip) of every size for kittens in small cages
  • litter boxes for adult cats
  • unscented kitty litter and scoopers
  • small metal cat bowls
  • dust pans and brushes


Lady’s Island Feed & Seed
(843) 770-1102
347 Sea Island Pkwy
Beaufort, SC 29907
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Note: Foster homes are URGENTLY needed! Without good foster homes, we are limited in the number of animals we can save.


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