1. Is HAL affiliated with the Beaufort County Animal Shelter (SHELTER) or the Hilton Head Humane Association (HHHA) or Palmetto Animal League?

cat_in_tree No. HAL is a separate non-profit charity devoted to enhancing the lives, adoption rates and experiences of the animals living in Beaufort County, SC. Unlike the Shelter and HHHA, PAL, we do not have a permanent facility and/or full-time staff. However, we often partner with these other organizations.

The Beaufort County Animal Services is administered by the county. Note: After normal working hours, officers respond to animal emergencies only — for example rescuing injured (e.g., hit by car but still alive) or removing vicious animals (e.g., dog bites someone). Stray dogs or cats are not considered emergencies. For a copy of the shelter’s mission and a complete list of objectives, visit their Web site.

Hilton Head Humane Association (HHHA) is 501c3, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe haven for abandoned cats and dogs of the Low Country. It is funded entirely by membership dues, private donations, and generous bequests.  Their mission is to improve the lives of homeless dogs and cats while also working to substantially lower the numbers of animals reproduced or relinquished.  They have a permanent building located in Hilton Head Island and a building in Okatie.

The Palmetto Animal League (PAL) is a private, non-profit, 501c3, no-kill animal rescue organization. They have a permanent building located in Okatie.

2. Is HAL affiliated with the ASPCA or Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)?

dog_puggle150 HSUS and ASPCA are not affiliated with, nor do they oversee, local animal shelters or other rescue organizations like HAL. Neither does any other national animal organization. However, HAL leverages the expertise, tools, and resources of the ASPCA and HSUS, which helps increase adoptions, prevent animal cruelty, and promote the humane treatment of animals everywhere.

3. Where can I find further information about HAL, such as history, mission or objectives?

This information is published on our Web site in the About Us page.

4. What can the average citizen do in Beaufort County to help HAL?

There are lots of ways to help. There are lots of ways to donate – time/money.  Everyone can do something. Check out our suggestions on the Donate page.

5. How do I volunteer to help?

dog_pom150Fill out a Volunteer Application online. If you don’t have access to our Web site, send us your resume and a note telling us about your skills, strengths and how much time you can spare each week. Our Volunteer Coordinator will match your skills with our openings. Children under 18 are welcome and encouraged to volunteer but a parent must accompany them at all times. The best way for young children to help is if your family becomes a foster family.


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