Have you thought about what will happen to your pet if something happens to you? or if there is natural disaster like a hurricane or even a fire?

dog_chihuahua150For example, do you have a card in your wallet to let emergency workers know that you have cats or dogs or other animals at home waiting for you and who to notify to care for them? Please think about this and plan in advance.

Here is a great list of emergency preparedness resources:

What happens if you become sick or incapacitated?   All too often, pets are forgotten. Then, when the owner dies or becomes incapacitated, these loyal companions may be abandoned, neglected and even put to sleep. What would happen to your furry friends if you weren’t able to care for them? Can you be sure they’ll receive the love and attention they deserve? You need to plan NOW for your four-legged friend’s perpetual care.

2nd Chance for Pets is a great resource to help you think through how to care for your pets when you no longer can.  Here is also a list of Resources once you have made some decisions.

Here are some other options for you to think about:

  • Emergency card. Create a card for your wallet and/or home in case of fire. HAL has created one for your wallet…just print it out and fill it out with the names and phone numbers of who you want to be notified.bedroom_pillows
  • Pet trusts. Allows the owner to set money aside for the care of their pet. Talk to your lawyer.
  • Guardian Angel programs. Although pricey under these program, you can be assured that your animals will gain immediate acceptance to a facility, where they will receive love and attention, high-quality medical care, and a peaceful, home-like environment (For example, Tabbys Place).
  • Pet Guardian document. It is an effective way to plan for the care of your pet without spending hundreds of dollars. Designating a guardian for your pet is an easy and inexpensive solution to help plan for the future of your trusted friend. At a minimum, start the conversation. Talk to your friends and family. Once you’ve decided on a caretaker for short and/or long term needs, simply complete the appropriate form with the name of the person you want to designate as your pet’s guardian. Be sure to name successors in case your Pet Guardian is unable to serve and, if you have more than one cat, carefully identify each cat to ensure your executor can match the cat to the correct guardian.

Your animal companions told us to tell you that they wanted to give you a BIG sloppy thank you kiss for caring enough about their safety and future.



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